Lisbon’s 10 restaurants you can’t miss

restauranteOnce the visit to the apartment is done (Compliments for the quality of the apartment received and thanked) and the last administrative details wrapped up (With the quality of our work noticed), many of our clients ask us for some tips on restaurants not to be missed in Lisbon.

It’s always hard to find THE restaurant that pleases everyone, couples, groups of friends or families; they all have different desires and needs. Our team is Portuguese and knowing Lisbon perfectly shares their good advices with our clients. Vegetarians, typical restaurants, fado houses or renowned restaurants … it takes all kinds to satisfy our most demanding clients.

Also, we would like to reveal some of our special tips that, after tasting, pleased not only our team members but also tourists from around the world who come to visit us!

Attention, this is not a list of Portuguese restaurants in Lisbon, but a list of restaurants that are worth trying for visitors staying in our apartments in Lisbon.

Number 10: Comida de Santo

This colorful and lively restaurant has been offering  some authentic Brazilian cuisine for almost 30 years. While the décor is modern, the dishes have kept to its true authenticity, such as Vatapá: a dish of dried shrimp with a sauce made of peanuts, palm oil and coconut milk. Our favorite!

Of course, we must not miss the main course of Brazilian cuisine: the Feijoada. A kind of stew that is served with black beans, rice and orange slices.

More information here.

Number 9: Tascardoso

A cosy and cheap restaurant, which will quickly turn into your canteen, if you have selected one of our apartments in Bairro Alto.

Unpretentious, but aiming to always satisfy the client, the team will be at your disposal to offer some of Lisbon’s specialties, essentially based on grilled fish and fresh vegetables.

More information here.

Number 8: Paparrucha

Located halfway between Principe Real and Bairro Alto, this restaurant offers the taste of Argentine meat, while enjoying one of the most gorgeous views of Lisbon. Ideal for a romantic evening, you will not be disappointed with the food quality.

Beware though, the bill is a little bit higher than the usual in Lisbon (but the Argentinian meat justifies the price).

More information here.

Number 7: Terra

It’s not always easy to offer a wide, good … and vegetarian choice. This is the mixed proposed by this restaurant with an original design (a Buddha hall, a Japanese room etc…). Our favorite is the small courtyard that takes us into a very special atmosphere. The restaurant has also received several recommendations and awards for the quality of its service and food.

An original atmosphere is always nice to have regularly!

More information here.

Number 6: Casanostra

A classic of the European cuisine.  A bit of Rome, Sicily and Naples together in Lisbon. Since the 80’s, Maria Paola’s restaurant has created a unique atmosphere around the Mediterranean cuisine. Rediscover here the classics of the Italian cooking: linguini, lasagna, pizza… and of course the good Italian wine (almost as good as the French or Portuguese wine J!)

The “must” of the house? Find it out by ordering the Tiramisu!

More information here.

Number 5: Grapes & Wine

Small, warming, authentic … there’s no lack of adjectives to describe this little secret place. A small Tavern where the night rolls around the wine. A list of a hundred bottles (mostly Portuguese) is available and you can enjoy your drink with some dishes.

Please note, the place gets full quickly during the evening, you should book a table. Especially when there is live music!

More information here.

Number 4: Flor de Laranja

Be daring! Let yourself be tempted by oriental flavors! This is the perfect place. In a décor worthy of the Arabian Nights, discover these oriental flavors.  North African specialties are basic options and you can choose among tagine, couscous, pastille, mint tea. A small piece of Maghreb in the heart of Bairro Alto.

If you’re lucky and reserve on the right day, you will be able to enjoy a belly dance performance.

More information here.

Number 3 : Bistro 100 maneiras

A must for any self-respecting « Lisboeta ». An address known and recognised in Lisbon which welcomes the little “jet-set” of the Portuguese capital. With a sophisticated décor, an elegant presentation, and dishes that revisit traditional Portuguese cuisine with a twist. Prices are above average of other restaurants in the city, but what is offered  will quickly make you forget the final bill.

More information here.

Number 2 : Restaurant Carmo

An elegant Portuguese cuisine, in a sophisticated ambiance, at one of the prettiest squares in Lisbon. The restaurant is divided in several small parts, which makes the atmosphere very pleasant and intimate.

Note also the fine selection of Portuguese wine.

More information here.

Number 1 : Antigo Primeiro de Maio

Here it is something to satisfy your appetite, your desire for authenticity, without ruining your finances.  Located in the heart of Bairro Alto, this restaurant offers the main Portuguese dishes in a great environment. Let yourself be guided by the advice of the waiters who will know what to recommend and help you have a great time!

More information here.

Special prize:  La Parisienne.

Our little chauvinistic pleasure! And if you let yourself be tempted by a small piece of France in the heart of Chiado in Lisbon? This is the concept of the Parisian bistro! At the stove, Xavier will make you rediscover the simple pleasures of the French cuisine: andouillette, cassoulet, blanquette… all complemented with a good wine. A real treat!

More info here

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