John Malkovitch is in love for Lisbon

John-Malkovich-0111When someone makes a love declaration to the city of Lisbon we like to publish it. When that someone is John Malkovitch we HAVE to publish it. Interviewed in Lisbon, the American actor gave his opinion about our city, its light, its museums and the good life that prevails.

After living in Lisbon on and off for 15 years (did we had the opportunity of having him in one of our apartments in lisbon?), the actor born in 1953 explains his surprise at the reception and kindness of Portuguese people and especially the people of Lisbon.  A fact that we can confirm!

Beyond this first approach, it is also and especially the landscapes, the diverse architecture and the culture that led him to consider more than once moving in our beautiful city.

Culturally, John Malkovich also mentioned Fado music he particularly enjoys. Without detracting from the sweet melody, we would like to remind our friend John, that Portuguese music goes far beyond Fado.

If like us, and like John Malkovich, you love our city of Lisbon, do not hesitate to follow his advice and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city and wander the neighborhoods across town (the district Chiado, or Bairro Alto district, for example) … that’s how great discoveries are made!

Find the interview here.

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