No, portuguese music is not only Fado

If there is a label that Portugal can live without, is the association between Portuguese music and Fado. It’s time to end that cliché, and unveil the talents of the Portuguese music scene.  

Attention, it’s not our intention to criticize Fado (classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity). We recommend to the fans of this type of music to enjoy the amazing evenings at Alfama, where you can not only listen to Fado but also taste several Portuguese dishes and a glass (or more) of Portuguese wine. Soon, we will write to give you some tips about new talents of Fado (Ana Moura, Mariza and Mísia).

The French magazine, Les Inrockuptibles recently published an excellent article about some Portuguese groups, we will also propose to you some groups that deserve some minutes of your time at Youtube, Deezer or Grooveshark. Here it is our top 3 (subjected to your comments and criticisms) of the Portuguese artists to listen.

(This is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions, we will read with pleasure all of your comments with suggestions of others Portuguese artists.)

  1. Aurea

AureaIt’s hard to say she’s a rising star of the Portuguese music scene because she is already for several years on the radio and on our playlists. Her presence at the summer festivals (mostly Optimus Alive with the group The Black Mamba) was striking and left us eager to see her again. 

Born in 1987, the soul and R’n’B singer was discovered by the general public in 2010 with the album titled «Aurea». In a few weeks, rose to the top of the Portuguese charts, and her status changed.  In 2011 she won a Globo de Ouro for best individual performer (the equivalent of the Grammys).

In 2012, she delivered a new album (the one of the confirmation) «Soul Notes», from where was extracted the single «Scratch my back».

There it is a little video for the fans.

We like it and recommend it!

  1. Boss AC

Boss ACA change of style, with a dose of testosterone and more with Boss AC.

Considered one of the pioneers of Portuguese rap, Boss AC was born in Lisbon in 1975. He began to write and published he’s first rhymes in the album «Rapública» (1994), one of the firsts compilations of Portuguese rap.

Then comes the first solo album («Manda Chuva» in 1998), but it was with the album «Ritmo, Amor e Palavras» (Released in 2005) that he became known (and recognized) by the public. This album was also a platinum record.

He’s last album is «AC Para os amigos» in 2012, from which was extracted the single (and the hit of 2012 summer) «Sexta-feira».

Again, we like it and recommend it.

  1. Márcia

MÁRCIA PROMOTIONAL PORTRAITMay be less known than the previous (and that is debatable), Márcia was born in 1982 and began singing at 12 years old. It was with her second album «Dá» in 2010 that she became one of the most impressive Portuguese voices of that year (and next ones). She’s not only a great singer she is also the author of her own texts.  A sweet and profound album with charming ballads.

In 2013, was released a new album title «Cacoon», which confirms the great opinion we have of Márcia. Hear one of the songs on this album to get acquainted with this beautiful voice.

Once again, we like it and we recommend it. And you?

  1. The Legendary Tigerman

The Legendary TigermanWith English name, born in Mozambique and end up living in Coimbra. That is a small example of the complexity of this character. Artistically speaking complexity is also present, he is a true one man band. He plays harmonica, guitar and drums, alone with the help of technological aid of different microphones and pedals. He’s register is a little bit dark and melancholic or so do we think. 

Named Paulo Furtado, known great success in 2009, with the album «Femina» a female duets album. In 2014 it’s with the album «True» that he comes back to our playlists.

A small extract to open your appetite. 

We finish our Top 3, that as you noticed, end up being a Top 4, knowing that we forgot to mention some great names  (Richie Campbell , Noiserv, Rita Redshoes)… with this little appetizer we hope to make you want to visit Portugal and explore the Portuguese musical scene.  

Have you discovered and /or are fans of these artists?

If so, please share this article and let your friends know about Portuguese music.

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