Top 5 of the words you should use to be cool in Lisbon

BairroAlto-noite-baresThis is a piece of advice that we give to all the tourists and travelers around the world. Before you visit another country, you should learn a little bit of its language.

There are some cultures that don’t feel very comfortable with other languages so, our tip to impress or suprise your local friends is to use some specific words!

We will now tell you the best 5 words to be cool in Lisbon (especially after 10pm in Bairro Alto).

1st Fixe

During your first days in Lisbon or in Portugal everything will be amazing and you will be easily thrilled with everything you will see, the only problem will be describing it in one word. The word for that will be “Fixe”.

This expression will easily become your alpha and omega in every conversation. “Fixe” this,”fixe” that. The accent is very easy because it is pronounced like fish.

If we are going to translate “fixe” it means the same as cool. A “fixe” person is a person that is nice and cool.

You can be seat in a restaurant and the waiter ask you “Então ‘tá tudo fixe?”: he will not bring you a dish full of fish but he is just asking you if everything is ok or not.

2nd Bué

The word “Bué” has it origin on an African dialect (Qimbundo) and has arrived in Portugal on the 70s when some Portuguese’s returned from the Decolonization.

To simplify, “bué” = very

You can use this expressions to empathize a sentence, like your food is “bué boa”, your apartment in lisbon is “bué bonito” or that your stay is being “bué fixe” (this time you will be able to use both expressions together).

3rd Tipo

There is no correct word to translate “tipo” because it is an expression that can be used in different situations.

It can mean the same of “like” in English or the same of “genre” in French.

This word can be put in the beginning, middle or end of the sentence and it will always be ok!

For exemple: “Lisboa é bué fixe!”

4th Brutal

Please not that this expression can be misinterpreted; it does not describe something or someone violent but something or someone exceptional.

For example, in a scale of 1 to 10, “fixe” is 1 and “brutal” is 10.

In a festive atmosphere we can say that “after mid-night, Bairro Alto is Brutal” “as ruas estreitas de Alfama são Brutais” or “a ginginha e o vinho verde são brutais”.

5th ‘Tá a bazar

This will be the expression that will make you a really Lisboeta, one of those that are capable of discuss hours about benfica or sporting.

“’Tá a bazar” is an expression that can indicate your will to leave a place.

When you are enjoying a caipirinha in the neighborhood of Bica and you want to go to another place you can say “’Tá a bazar”


Here it is your first portuguese lesson! Hope to see you in Lisbon and share with you a drink!

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