Spring Holidays in Lisbon, Portugal

Springtime arrives and with it comes Easter and the spring holidays. If you are unsure of where you want to go, and are looking for a great place to go for your next springtime vacation, why not consider Lisbon, Portugal?

Lisbon is thought to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, full of wonderful art and architecture, history and nightlife. Lisbon also has some of the mildest weather throughout Europe, thanks to its Mediterranean climate. In the spring, days are generally mild, or even warm during daytime.

Apartment in Lisbon 47a
The Tagus River runs through Portugal’s capital city, and lends a wonderful atmosphere to the metropolis. Dine in one of many lovely restaurants along the banks. The old city is located in the heart of Lisbon, and the city spreads out from there. Alfama is Lisbon’s oldest district, with narrow streets and shops. In Alfama you will come across the Lisbon Cathedral, the St. George Castle, handicraft shops, and Fado Bars.

At night, if you are up for going out and enjoying the nightlife with the local youths, the place to hit is Bairro AltoParque das Nações is also a fantastic place to enjoy the nightlife, with restaurants and the great Lisbon Casino.

Museums, shops, cafes and entertainment galore await the traveller in this stunning Portuguese city.

Combine your Spring holidays in Lisbon with a visit to Sintra and enjoy the natural atmosphere complimented by impressive architecture. Lisbonhas access to beaches so why don’t take a walk near the sea?

When it comes to accommodation in any European capital one thing is for sure: regardless of when you travel, there is always a place available to sleep.

If a hotel is a bit too high for your budget or a bit impersonal, then self-catering apartments in Lisbon will surely be within your price range and much more private. Travelling to Lisbon offers an excellent service rent for apartments in Lisbon. An excellent choice for your holidays in Lisbon.Don’t forget to check the springtime offers on the Last Minute section.

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