Estufa Fria – A beautiful greenhouse in Lisbon

Estufa Fria is real green museum located in Eduardo VII Park just in the centre of Lisbon.

The area is divided in three different zones: the cold greenhouse contains winter plants, the second houses tropical species and the third one the famous fleshy plants. Estufa Fria has great scientific and botanical value. It was built in 1930 and allows visitors to rest their spirit and purify their senses in front of an enchanted scenery of lakes, fountains and statues.

Eduardo VII Park is located on the extreme north side of the Avenida da Liberdade, right behind the Marquês de Pombal Square, and was originally called Liberty Park. Renamed with the name of the King of England who came to Lisbon in 1903 to reaffirm the Anglo-Portuguese alliance, this park provides excellent views over the city and is frequently used to hold exhibitions, concerts and the annual booksellers fair.

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