Estrela Basilia and Gardens – Lisbon attractions

Estrela Basilica is one of Lisbon’s most attractive monuments. This eighteenth century Neo-classical church has two bell towers and imposing masonry work. In the interior, a large quantity of grey, pink and yellow marble was used in the floor and walls, in intricate geometric patterns, one of the most beautiful in European churches. The paintings by Pompeu Botoni and a famous nativity scene made by sculptor Joaquim Machado de Castro, with more than 500 figures in cork and Terra Cotta are a major attractions to visitors.

Built by order of Queen Maria I, as a fulfilled promise for giving birth to a son José, the Estrela Basilica is located in a Lisbon’s hill and can be viewed from far away.

Across from Estrela Basilica are the charming Estrela gardens. One of Lisbon’s public gardens, founded in 1852 and it is the second biggest garden. There are exotic plants and trees, a small duck-dotted lake, various marble figures, a playground for children and resting area.

During Sunday summer days the garden is the ideal place for diverse activities such as yoga lessons or Chinese massages and also attracted the modern trends, many young creators offer a miscellaneous display of their latest designs.

Nearby, is possible to visit São Bento Palace – the Portuguese Parliament, Principe Real – a beautiful square with a gorgeous garden that is an extension of Bairro Alto and the Lapa district, the diplomatic quarter with grand embassy buildings and old mansions.

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