Cascais – A unique destination in Portugal

If you are planning a vacation in Lisbon, Portugal, don’t miss a day trip to Cascais. The train station in Cais do Sodré takes you toCascais in a beautiful short train ride along the shore. Cascais is also easily reached from Lisbon by car, through A5 Lisbon-Cascais highway. Near Cascais is the famous resort town of Estoril with its popular Casino.

Considered by many to be the Portuguese Riviera, Estoril and Cascais are full of glamour and charisma. They offer a great diversity of attractions and the experiences in a limited area and in a setting that is exceptional in terms of nature, culture and heritage along the whole of this marvellous coast.

Despite its proximity to Lisbon, the centre of the Costa do Sol, still retains much of the charm of its fishing past. The daily catch is still auctioned in the harbour side square and colourful boats still bob in the harbour. Cascais fishing history is remembered in the Museu do Mar (Museum of the Sea) with displays of artefacts, photographs and model boats. Other elements of its fishing village roots can be felt in its numerous restaurants. Try some of the most typical dishes of the region, including fish and shellfish, such as steamed lobster, sea bass, white bream or the memorable Cascais sole.

In Cascais town centre, you can walk through some of the typical narrow streets, see the traditional white houses and discover old palaces and luxurious villas with magnificent architecture, patterned pavements, wrought iron and old tiled fronts. You can also find some fashionable and traditional shops, and bars.

Cascais is also known by popular beaches. The town beaches of Praia da Ribeira, Praia da Rainha and Praia da Conceicao and the famous beach at Guincho with its high waves that attract windsurfers from all around the world as having some of the best rollers in Europe.

Nearby you have Estoril‘s Praia do Tamariz with its salt-water swimming pool, the Boca do Inferno – the famous cliff in which the sea has hollowed out a number of caves in which the pounding of the waves gives an impressive demonstration of the power of the Atlantic, and the beautiful city of Sintra.

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