Carnival in Portugal, near Lisbon

The Rio Carnival may be the most famous in the world but in Portugal the Carnival is also celebrated in a dazzling show of street parades, floats and parties.

Carnival traditionally celebrates the ending of winter and the beginning of Lent. In Lisbon there aren’t big festivities in the streets but some Bars and discos will have some kind of parties related to the theme on the night before (Monday to Tuesday) also you’ll see some kids in costumes on the previous Sunday.

One of the highlights of Carnival festivities near Lisbon is the Loures Carnival, called the “Carnaval Saloio”.This carnival features the famous Cegadas, the Mastronças parade and the traditional Enterro do Entrudo on Ash Wednesday.

To the north of Lisbon there is also the famous Torres Vedras Carnival, described as the “most Portuguese in Portugal”. This carnivalmaintains the traditions of the Portuguese festival, with a parade of creatively decorated streetcars satirizing society and politics, and where the locals are always the real stars of the festival.

Also not to be missed in this region are the traditional carnivals at Alcobaça and Sesimbra.

So, if you are planning a city break or vacations in Lisbon during the Carnival period, prepared yourself for some party!

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