Rossio Station, Lisbon

Rossio train and metro station (Estação do Rossio) is located in Lisbon city centre, between Rossio and Restauradores squares. This train station is incredibly unique, formerly known as Central Station (Estação Central) and that designation still appears in its façade. The Rossio station was designed by the architect José Luís Monteiro, between 1886 and 1887.

Rossio Railway Station

Author: Osvaldo Gago

The beautiful Neo-Manueline façade dominates the Northwest side of the square and is a Romantic recreation of the exuberant Manueline style, typical of early 16th century Portugal. The eight doors match the nine palatial windows and the incredibly decorated clock tower located on the top of the facade.

Rossio station is a curiosity in that the platforms are some 30 metres above the main entrance. The platforms are connected by ramps to the façade level and is covered by a cast-iron structure executed by a Belgium firm.

The station was closed to rail services from 22 October 2004 until 12 February 2008 due to tunnel renewal work.

Services from Rossio Station are all suburban trains to the tourist sights of Sintra via Queluz and Rossio’s metro station (green line).

Right on the leftside of the Rossio Station, close to the Restauradores square, you find Largo Duque do Cadaval. It is a bit hidden behind the recently-renovated Rossio station, and full of sunny open-air cafes.

This beautiful station is a must see if you visit Lisbon, and if you want to visit Sintra, the famous town just outside Lisbon. Sintra is an inexhaustible attraction. The perfect symbiosis between nature and its built heritage led to its classification by UNESCO as World Heritage, at the category of Cultural Landscape, in 1995. Sintra has been adored over the years by artists and writers from all over the world and the passion for the town reached its peak in the 19th century, in the heart of the romantic era.

See our suggestions for an accommodation in Lisbon city centre, near the Rossio Station, a step away from Sintra.

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