Lisbon Climate and Weather

Lisbon has a Mediterranean climate that is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream, giving it one of the mildest climates in Europe. The city offers a mild and temperate climate and is sunny throughout the year.

In Lisbon, summers are warm and dry with average daytime temperatures of 26-29°C, falling to 16-18°C at night. Winters are cool and rainy with temperatures around 8-15°C, while spring and fall are generally mild, or even warm during daytime.

The warm afternoons are favourable for a nice walk by the river Tagus in Belém area and Parque das Nações or for a well-spent afternoon in one of the many street cafés in Lisbon’s downtown (Baixa) or Chiado. But even rain can be romantic if you’re winding in Alfama’s narrow streets; the charms of rain can usually be felt between December and March.

As the result of the regular mild and balmy evenings in Lisbon, many of the restaurants, especially in Bairro Alto, remaining open late, together with the bars and clubs.

Extreme temperatures may reach 36°C in some of the warmest summer afternoons and 2°C in the coldest winter mornings.

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