Feira da Ladra – Lisbon’s famous flea market

With origins in the Middle Ages, the Feira da Ladra, that literally means “Thieves Market” is the oldest market in Lisbon that still takes place nowadays.

The market took place originally near the St. George’s Castle, and later at the Rossio central square. Since 1882 until today, this flea market is situated in the Campo de Santa Clara street, just behind São Vicente de Fora church in the Alfama district. The best way to enter Feira de Ladra is through the arch ‘Arco de São Vicente’ where the famous Tram 28 stops.

Every Tuesday and Saturday from the sunrise until it sets, in tents, tables or on the floor, the Feira da Ladra exposes its products, mainly antiques and second hand items.

At the Feira da Ladra visitors may find antiques, ceramics and objects in glass, old and modern books, photographs, coins and stamps, furniture, new and used clothes, shoes, military artefacts, vinyl’s, cd’s and what else imagination can conceive. Everything can be found in the Feira da Ladraat reduced prices, right in the heart of an historical quarter of Lisbon.

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