Chiado – Famous Lisbon Quarter

Largo de Camões, in Chiado

Chiado is a cultural point of Lisbon and an elegant shopping area with all sorts of facilities and street entertainment. Here you will find theatres, bookshops, museums, restaurants and famous Portuguese fashion houses.

At the turn of the century and during the first decade of the 20th C. Chiado was the meeting place for writers and artists. Political and cultural exchanges constantly took place in the cafés here. Once the centre of intellectual life, today Chiado is one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in Lisbon.

Chiado hit the world headlines when an enormous fire destroyed part of the quarter on August 25, 1988. In the main it was the Rua do Carmo, a pedestrianized street, which was affected by the catastrophe. Together with homes and offices two old department stores burnt down, as well as the famous Pastelaria Ferrari and the valuable archives of the music shop Valentim do Carvalho containing unique documents relating to the history of Portuguese music.

Even though there are still some scars of that disaster, all the destroyed buildings in Chiado had been magnificently restored by architect Álvaro de Siza Vieira.

Following Rua Garrett, passing shopping zone, is Largo de Chiado. Great spot to rest and perform the tradition: having a bica at “A Brasileira”, a café frequented by Fernando Pessoa, whom now, in order to commemorate his tradition, has a bronze statue on the esplanade.

The Carmo area, next to the Chiado, has some of the most fascinating historical sites in the city, such as the Convent and Church of Carmo. Carmo is connected to the Baixa by the Elevador de Santa Justa, another of Lisbon’s icons. The Elevador, designed by a disciple of Gustave Eiffel, is open to the public and boasts impressive views over the Baixa Pombalina and the rest of Lisbon.

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One thought on “Chiado – Famous Lisbon Quarter

  1. Don’t go to Pastelaria Ferrari! The staff is just unkind and they make you pay even for thing you haven’t ordered with the excuse that they only speak portuguese!

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