Lisbon Airport – Transport to the city centre


Lisbon International Airport is only 7 km from the city centre. In the airport, there are several professional transport services available:

  • Taxis are lined up outside the terminals 24 hours a day. They are a fast and comfortable way to get to the city.
  • Aerobus and Aeroshuttle are available from 7.00 to 23.00. Connects Lisbon’s city centre to the airport terminals and vice-versa. Every 20/30 minutes a bus arrives at any one of the stops. Tickets may be purchased on the bus!
    Download the following PDF to see the routes and stops.
  • Car rental agencies have counters located in the atrium of the arrivals hall.
    We have a car rental partner. Check it here!
  • Several Buses also stop right outside the arrivals terminal. Listed below are the bus route numbers with the respective names of their ‘end of the line’ terminals. The airport stop is located mid-journey for these routes.
    N.º 5 – Estação do Oriente / Aeroporto / Areeiro
    N.º 22 – Portela / Aeroporto / Marquês de Pombal
    N.º 44 – Moscavide / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré
    N.º 45 – Prior Velho / Aeroporto / Cais do Sodré
    N.º 83 – Portela / Aeroporto / Amoreiras
    The bus company website is
  • Subway transport is available since July 2013, when the new Airport Metro Station opened.
    Probably this is one of the best options to get to Lisbon Historic Centre and surrounding areas! You pay around 2€ per person (rechearble card included) and the journey takes about 35 minutes. Find more about Lisbon Subway Network in our previous post!

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