St. George’s Castle (Castelo de São Jorge)

Located on one of the highest hills in Lisbon, a charming place near the river Tagus, the St. George Castle (Castelo de São Jorge) stands on the riverside landscape of Lisbon’s downtown.

The castle is a living memory of various events that marked the history of Portugal, having been in the hands of Romans, Suevians, Visigoths and Muslims. It was rebuilt in the 1940s and has recently been renovated.

From the castle you can look down upon the city and see Baixa (the city’s traditional shopping district), Rua Augusta (the main artery of the Baixa Pombalina) Terreiro do Paço (known as Black Horse Square by the English),and the beautiful Praça do Rossio (Praça Dom Pedro V).

St. George's Castle (Castelo de São Jorge)

St. George’s Castle (Castelo de São Jorge)

Open to visitors 365 days a year, the St. George Castle (Castelo de São Jorge) is a place where you can enjoy the heritage, learn the history of Lisbon in Olisipónia, find out new views over Lisbon in the Dark Chamber – Ulysses’ Tower, visit the gardens and be delighted by the music, theatre, festivals and exhibitions that bring joy to the Castle.

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